Various Style Selections for an Attractive and Functional Yard Fence

Listed below are some of the best fence styles you can choose from that can make your garden look great and functional at the same time. For professional fence assistance, click here 


Vinyl Fencing Panels  

This type of fence can be durable enough to keep uninvited visitors and pests at bay, yet easy to install and sufficiently lightweight to be cost-effective. But you do not need to be concerned about this fencing’s longevity just because it’s lightweight because it can actually last for several years or even decades given that you maintain it properly and you opt for a high-quality product, to begin with.  

Apart from that, this fence type is very ideal for gardens because they are smoother compared to wood, which may have a rougher surface and can let critters dig in their claws and climb over your lawn. Vinyl fencing can offer a relatively slippery and smooth surface to cats and squirrels year after year.  

Woven Bamboo Fencing 

Bamboo is a fence material that is attractive and elegant, which looks ideal for home gardens due to its natural appeal and beauty. Panels of woven bamboo can also increase the level of privacy in your home, which is beneficial for those who want a more private home.  

Wood Slat Fencing 

Commonly utilized for picket fences, you can use wood slats for horizontal wood fencing. However, either way, you can keep out pests and prying eyes by spacing wood slats narrowly while also providing support to your vining plants. Not only tall wood fences protected in blooming vines can simply be a good feature for added privacy, but it can be one of the beautiful features any garden can have.  

Wood-Framed Wire Fencing 

Wire fencing with wood rails and wood posts can help create a secure fence with an airy and open feel to it. You can also grow fast-growing vines up the wire if you would want to achieve more privacy with this fence.  

Actually, this type of fence could be among the ideal ones that can support annual vines since their tendrils can be grabbed easily. Plus, they can get light from either side of the fence.   

Here are a few typical annual plants that tend to vine up wire fences: 

  • Gourds and squash 
  • Pole beans 
  • Runner Beans 
  • Cardinal climber 
  • Morning glory 

Apart from that, any homeowner can take advantage of a wire component since it’s quite simple to bury at the fence’s bottom to keep critters from digging in. The moment you undergo critter issues, make sure that any vines you plant on the fence are resistant to critter since the vines may grow on all sides of the wire.  

Aluminum or Wrought Iron 

For centuries, wrought-iron fences have been a classic. In fact, some of these are being made during the 12th century. This fence’s metal railings and pickets provide your lawn an air of uniqueness, regardless if you opt for a more classic one or a highly ornamented variety. Aluminum fencing can give a similar functionality and aesthetic with the added characteristics of being affordable and lightweight.  

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